Home solution to get rid of ‘burden on your head’

Salalah: No one took this aspect of life seriously when Covid-19 was declared pandemic and subsequent restrictions came into force to break its chain through social distancing. It was last on their ‘to do’ list when the restrictions were announced, but it has come on their heads so prominently that it is no more possible to ignore or hide in any other situation but look for some option.

Haircut thus has become everyone’s problem since the barber shops are closed and they are rightly closed to maintain the principle of social distancing. “I can have many more haircuts if I am alive and it is in the interest of the community and the country to keep the barber shops closed. We have instances from around the world where such service facilitators have become grounds for the spread of Covid-19. We should not take chance,” said Rashid indicating towards his long hairs peeping through his headgear.

But everyone is not as sportive as Rashid. Most of the people are fed up with the burden of carrying long hairs, particularly those who do not have option of hiding them behind a headgear.

Most of the men are finding a solution in their wives, who in turn are taking help from YouTube realising the fact that among many other home necessities established by the Covid-19 situation, hair-cutting has also become a home necessity.

Barring some fiasco, most of the men who tried this adventure were successful in getting rid of ‘literal burden on their heads’.

“The situation has left people only with two hairstyles – either to be clean shaved or to have long hairs. In between are those successful people who have their wives to manage household chorus including giving a smart haircut,” said a Salalah resident RP Singh.

Singh is missing his wife because she left for India some days before the suspension of international flights and by the time she was about to come the full restrictions were in place.

Young students who are fond of keeping long hairs are facing their dads who do not have patience to learn haircut skills. They are ‘attacking’ them with their personal trimmers in an effort to give their hair a decent shape.

“In most of the cases it turned out to be the ‘practical and easy, the ‘men’s buzz’ cut which is the most low-maintenance haircut, meaning thereby there is hardly any hair left on your head,” said Faisal, a school going student.

While many interesting jokes are being circulated on social media, the internet is flooded with ‘tips to cope with your hair during Covid-19.’  This is a situation people will remember for several generations!