Hikka: PACDA all prepared to face cyclone impact

Muscat: The Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulances (PACDA) is all prepared to face any untoward incident in the wake of the cyclone Hikka, authorities said on Tuesday.

“We are all prepared to face any impact of the cyclone Hikka which is expected to make landfall by afternoon on Tuesday”, a senior official told the Observer.

The Hikka is expected to touch upon mainly three regions. Masirah, Al Wusta region and South Sharqiya. Precautions are taken to minimise its impact and security forces and equipment are sent to those places highly prone to have the impact, according to PACDA.

Several squads of PACDA forces will be sent to these areas in the afternoon today. “People in these areas should remain calm and don’t panic. They should follow the official announcements and not the forwarded news or baseless information”, the PACDA official added.