High-level meeting discusses cyclone preparation

SALALAH, May 23 – A high-level meeting discussed the precautionary measures in the wake of alert sounded by meteorological departments about the cyclonic storm Mekunu. Sayyid Mohammed bin Sultan al Busaidy, Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar, reviewed the meeting with the Sub-Committee for Civil Defence in Dhofar Governorate in the presence of Brigadier Mohsen bin Ahmed al Abri, Chairman of the Committee, and its members representing all government and civil sectors.
The governor took stock of the readiness of various departments in order to determine that maximum support could be provided to people after the cyclone’s landfall, which is expected tomorrow and likely to continue till Saturday.
The meeting took every situation into account from weather forecasts, the results of the numerical model readings and the expected impact in Dhofar Governorate.
The meeting also reviewed preparations made by the Civil Defence Sub-Committee in the Governorate of Dhofar and additional support coming from Muscat to deal with the ensuing situation.
The officials stressed on the importance of taking precautionary measures and steps necessary to limit the effects of the situation, in addition to enhancing the resources and capabilities necessary to deal with them.
The committee members were directed to give top priority to the lives and property of the people and to identify the mechanisms for mobilising all possible resources needed to support the operations.
The governor directed the committee to do maximum follow-up and assured the citizens and residents about the readiness of the committees in the governorate to deal with the situation coming out of the tropical storm.
He also put stress on communication between the committee and citizens and residents through the emergency centres and directed to provide all the available facilities and necessary services.
He called upon the citizens and residents to be cautious and not to take the risk of crossing the wadis and advised them to keep away from the low places and not to visit the sea during the warning period.
He also exhorted them to cooperate with the relevant committees.
Meanwhile, the hovering clouds over Salalah sky created general commotion among the people, while a section of people were doubtful about the cyclone’s landfall thinking that “it would also pass like previous cyclones, which could not make landfalls and moved to some other directions away from Salalah.”
Evacuation has already started in Al Hallaniyat Islands and the people are being shifted to Shaleem. The process started yesterday and likely to continue till today.  The government and private establishments are taking precautionary measures to safeguard documents. The authorities have decided to convert some schools into shelter homes equipped with health facilities, basic amenities and all possible resources in force.

Kaushalendra Singh