Heritage showcased at SAF Museum exhibition

MUSCAT, Feb 18 – The Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum had an additional feature for a day on Monday as Omani heritage represented by artisans and SMEs were on show. Organised by the Ministry of Tourism and SAF Museum, the exhibition was inaugurated by Sayyid Adel al Busaidy, Adviser at the Ministry of Tourism. Entitled ‘Discover the beauty of the Omani heritage and the holdings of the Armed Forces Museum of the Armed Forces,’ the exhibition displayed traditional products in modern concepts.
“We are so glad to be in this beautiful museum. We are trying to build cooperation with the stakeholders here, and we are specifically speaking about museums. Military museums in Oman talk about different aspects of military of the country and that includes pre-Islamic era. We are constantly trying to create awareness about these specialised museums because we believe it is a school by itself. We are hoping through this activity that we can achieve our objective,” said Salem al Mamari, Director-General of Tourism at the Ministry of Tourism.
The event is aimed at promoting sustainable tourism. Joining the exhibition was also Be’ah, the company working on waste management in Oman, campaigning to protect touristic spots in Oman. On display was a collection of artwork made of products which could have been waste. “We have art here that is done by our employees using waste products. We have one work made out of plastic waste, another with date seeds and the third work is done with disposable plates,” explained Thuwaiba al Raisi, of Be’ah.
The Ministry of Tourism is developing cooperation with museums across the Sultanate. “There are many private museums that are coming up in the country and the Ministry of Tourism is helping them to promote their exhibits to attract people. They depict the nation, the people and the culture,” said Al Mamari.