Health Minister reviews anti-pandemic measures in Dhofar

Salalah: The Sultanate’s healthcare system is resilient and coherent despite an increase in the number of hospitalised cases, especially the cases that need intensive care and despite many other challenges the system is facing, said Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed al Saeedi, Minister of Health, during his visit to Sultan Qaboos Hospital.

The Health Minister appreciated the role of health workers for their tremendous efforts, patience, and perseverance in fulfilling their humanitarian mission in providing health care to citizens and residents during unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic conditions.

He stressed on adhering to the precautionary measures issued by the Supreme Committee on COVID-19 and called for utmost care against the spread of the disease.

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Praising the efforts of the medical staff at Sultan Qaboos Hospital, the minister said the Ministry of Health is working according to a scientific methodology in covering the needs of the governorates and other apparatuses of the Sultanate.

Dr Al Saeedi listened to the queries raised by the administrative and technical officials in the health services in Dhofar Governorate. He reviewed the measures being taken to combat COVID-19 in the presence of Dr Mohammed bin Saif al Hosani, Undersecretary Ministry of Health for Health Affairs, and Dr Khaled al Mashikhi, Director General of Health Services in the governorate.