Haya Water compost plant, Kala, produces 2m organic compost bags

MUSCAT: Haya Water Company’s organic compost plant ‘Kala’ has announced production of 2 million organic compost bags since the plant was established in 2011. During the period, the plant treated 270,000 tonnes of sludge and 16,500 tonnes of green waste and horse manure that would have contributed to environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions if these materials were disposed into solid waste dumps.
This reflects Haya Water’s commitment to protect the environment and contribute in ‘making Oman greener and healthier.’
The plant is equipped with the latest technologies and advanced equipment. Since its establishment, the plant adopted the highest international standards in the management and operation.
As a result, it has been awarded the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OASAS 18001 certification and was accredited by UN Programme for clean development. It is worth mentioning that ‘Kala’ plant is the first organic compost plant in the Middle East to obtain such certificates.
In addition, the company pays great attention to apply the principles of occupational safety and health in the plant and it always seeks to support Omani competent and talented people.
Haya Water also pays great attention to the quality of the product and its manufacturing standards. The plant laboratory collects and analyses samples of raw materials during the manufacturing process to ensure that the various manufacturing processes are carried out according to the production plan.
Haya Water Central Laboratory in Al Ansab collects and analyses samples of the final product in order to ensure that it conforms to the applicable quality standards and specifications, including the concentration of heavy elements and that it is free of any harmful bacteria before its distribution and marketing.
The central laboratory also collects samples of the final product and sent them to internationally accredited laboratories outside the Sultanate to ensure that the product conforms to the quality standards and specifications.
It is worth mentioning that the central laboratory is an independent department from the organic compost plant ‘Kala’, which is affiliated to the Corporate Support Division. It is staffed by technicians who are scientifically and practically qualified. Moreover, the central laboratory has received the ISO 17025 certification for laboratories.