Haj pilgrims urged to be cautious of contractors

With the first flight carrying Haj pilgrims from Muscat is scheduled to take off on July 28, the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs has urged the pilgrims to be cautious about the services rendered by contractors.
The ministry has authorised 85 companies to transport Arab pilgrims and 3 for non-Arab pilgrims to the holy land for performing Haj this year.
“Notwithstanding the fact that they have exercised caution while selecting the right contractor, they need to make sure that the contractors follow the terms and conditions they have agreed upon”, Abdul Aziz al Ghafry, Deputy Head of Oman Haj Mission told
the Observer.
There were some complaints about the contractors not fulfilling the agreements and providing sub standards services in the past.
According to him, pilgrims should be vigilant and report any changes in the services that
they receive to the officials accompanying them.
“First of all, pilgrims need to ensure that they are given five-star accommodation and meals as agreed,” he said.
It is applicable to all areas of the pilgrimage and, for instance, if the transportation clause suggests that the contractor would use a particular bus, they need to make sure the Omani pilgrims are provided with the same. “If there is any issue with the contractor or if they are not happy with their services, the pilgrims can get in touch with the ministry’s representatives either in Madina or Mukarramah immediately”, Al Ghafri added.
As many as 14,000 pilgrims who have registered with the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs online, will be performing Haj rituals this year.
Out of this, 13,500 are Omanis who include 402 defence personnel, 250 Arab nationals and 250 non-Arabs.
Besides this, the Oman Haj Mission will comprise 700 supporting staff from various departments.