Guidebook needed for transactions in govt offices

I do not know what method the government should employ to improve its services, monitor the performance of its employees and ensure how effective they are during the work hours. If the government can ensure this, it will help in the improvement of entire work environment at its offices across the country.
There should be a formula integrated with work for speeding up the completion of any task. This is possible if there is a guide book or a book of procedure for reference.
Similarly, there should be a time-frame for completing all transactions. Everyone should show some commitment. If there is no guide book or book of procedure, we will not be able to make any progress.
One of my colleagues recounted how she suffered when she went to a government office for some work. Her work remained pending without any reason. In the normal circumstances, it would not have taken more than a few minutes to finish the work. However, she had to wait for weeks to get her work done.
Whenever she visited the office, she was asked to get one document or the other. She somehow controlled her anger. It was a torment forced upon her.
There are many more heart-wrenching stories of sufferings of citizens in the government offices when they go for some of their works. Such things happen because of the lack of a guide or a book of procedures.
In the absence of a clear mechanism, it is difficult to reduce such miseries. A guidebook can make it obligatory for offices to complete any task as quickly as possible, or as per a set framework and time.
This is a highly painful situation for citizens. The current procedures or way of functioning is slowing our development, if not, halting it. Hence, a guide book or a book of procedures has become a necessity.
The proposed guide or a book of procedures can help in monitoring the time required for completion of any transactions or dealings. It will also clearly mention what document is required and when, so that when somebody is looking into a case, he would not have to review the documents required for a particular task.
The guidebook will also help in evaluation of the performance of each employee and determine his or her level of delivery in office.
If there is a clear guidebook, each employee would have to make efforts to accomplish his /her duty properly according to it.
Today, we are at crossroads. We have to either develop from our managerial and administrative competence or remain as we are without any progress.
Of course, none of us would be ready to go for the option of not seeing any progress and development in our lives. Therefore, we must accept the challenge. We all look for the best in our lives and for our beloved country.
There are some organisations that are trying to look at “administrative impediments” and working hard to shorten the time taken for transactions and dealings by devising some guidelines.
Their efforts are commendable. But a majority of the players are still way behind in this regard.
We wish to have a guide book of procedures, transactions and dealings in the near future in all the government organisations.
The guide should be available to citizens and those visiting government offices for some work or the other. They should know precisely the entire procedures before they start their work and what is required from them. Only then will we be able to claim we have made bureaucratic procedures easier for the people.