Grow, so you can help others grow

The year 2020 has taught us to expect the unexpected.
The year brought in elements of doubt and it would be an understatement to say the new norm for a lifestyle. But as we are in the middle of the last month of the year, it is the best time to look back at this year and to reflect on how we ought to prepare for the new year.
We have also witnessed the last solar eclipse of the year. While some parts of the world looked forward to seeing the shadow cast by the moon for us it has been part of the night, but still, there were the stars to look out for – this reminds us of how life is: full of possibilities and potentials.
Each event has two sides and this year too with the pandemic ruling it completely since March made us realise that at times the most important thing is to just survive. And the best thing to do for anyone who survives the year 2020 would be then to say a thank you and express gratitude.
What would be the best way to practice gratitude? Obviously to acknowledge surviving the year under the pandemic would be the first thing we ought to do. Secondly, maybe it is time to actually be there for others who are total strangers. The economy needs to come back and people need to pick up their lives, probably with new career directions and skills.
In Oman, there have been people who lost jobs, professionals who have moved on to retirement and expatriates who are going back in thousands that have not been seen ever before. Thoughts are probably heavy with financial commitments to be met and for the other long hours in hand. Not to forget the emotions of having to lose a loved one to the pandemic. On the other hand, there is loneliness that was felt by the elders in the family as they had to stay away from the other family members for their own good.
Maybe we have all come to a point where we have realised how important it is to truly practice what we believe in terms of career and how not to waste time on worthless complaints and judgments on others.
Life is precious to be wasted on unnecessary burdens we take up to enjoy the material world. At the same time, it is important to be impactful in life. What is the difference we could make to society or in a person’s life? The stress we generate on ourselves and in others is not something that we notice until it is too late. When it manifests into mental or physical health issues is when someone would try to alert us to change our directions.
If our words can create a positive impact let us use them in a gentle way if not let us not use our words to hurt others. Life is too short to go around apologiing, instead, we can use the time and energy in supporting and encouraging others.
Forgiving is the other word we ought to keep close to us because every time we remember to forgive someone we are in the process of healing. It has been noted that a lot of times we tend to be hard on ourselves and never realise who we are without ever even knowing the true self. So if we do not want regrets we ought to know who we are and what we truly want in life. It is funny because a lot of the time we do not know what we truly want in life.
Most of the years in life are spent in catching up with expectations of others and never really knowing what we want to do in life. What is an achievement? Are achievements grades and awards, or personal satisfaction? Whatever the conclusions would be individually, the most important elements would be being responsible and joy of dignity. And if we can achieve that and have the ability to guarantee it to others that would be admirable. The beauty of it is that all that can be achieved not just with money but with kind words and inspiration. Financial independence is important and that is why it is important to bridge the gap between the haves and have nots.
The most important ingredient would be to have the blessing of inspiration. Being inspired is one of the best gifts in life and let us hope we get plenty of that by the time we reach the threshold of the New Year.


Lakshmi Kothaneth