Govt mulls Omanisation of some professions in IT, telecom sectors

Muscat: The undersecretaries of the Ministry of Labor, and the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Information Technology for Communications and Information Technology (MTCITT), held a meeting with human resource (HR) managers in the private sector, to discuss the replacement and settlement plans and the challenges they face in employing Omanis in the telecommunications and Information Technology.

The meeting discussed a number of measures to employ only Omanis in some professions in these sectors.

The Undersecretary for Labour said the Ministry seeks cooperation with various sectors on identifying their challenges and finding solutions that will contribute to Omanisation of various jobs.

He said the Covid pandemic contributed to the growth of the transport, communications and information technology sector, which contributed to enabling the Ministry to identify the most important legislation needed by the sector.

He said the challenges that the ministry faced in the field of replacement in some private sector establishments confirm the importance of effective dialogue to reach the desired goals, indicating that the national workforce is able to compete whenever the opportunity arises.

The Undersecretary for Communications praised the role of the Ministry of Labor in regulating the labor market.

He said that communications and information technology is a vital sector for the overall economic development of the country and the ministry seeks to make it an independent sector. “There is a need to develop and empower its employees and adopt a plan to achieve adequate growth that supports the national economy, which will not be achieved unless there is continuous cooperation between the government and private institutions.”