Govt allows operations of marinas, pleasure boats

Muscat: In line with the latest decisions of the Supreme Committee on Covid-19,  marinas, pleasure, and tourism boats have been allowed to commence operations by the Ministry of Transport (MOT).

At the same time, operators have been instructed to implement the following measures, in addition to the general preventive measures specified by the Ministry of Health.

The measures to be implemented are:

• Wearing face masks in public areas of the marinas, maintain physical distancing, and avoid gathering.

• Marinas administrations shall provide hand sanitizers in the public areas.

• Passengers (including crew) onboard superyachts (Ln5m) must not exceed 10.

• Passengers onboard pleasure boats must not exceed six (from the same household).

• Leisure boats may be used only for a picnic by the owner’s household while passengers on board must not exceed six.

Marinas administrations will monitor adherence levels of the preventive procedures No.3 & No.5 mentioned above, and report violations.