Google Maps now offers a ‘voice guide’

Staff reporter  –
Muscat, Nov 27 –

Now, you don’t have to look your mobile phone while driving. You can simply focus on driving, thanks to the Google Oman Maps, which offers the voice navigation option.
Omantel, in a statement on social media, said: “We thank our partners — Google, Ministry of Tourism and Google Developers Group Muscat — for making this possible.” According to TechOneFive, a technology portal, “The activation of the Google navigation system for Oman came after several rounds of discussions that lasted more than a year between Google, local authorities and the Ministry of Tourism.” The people, especially motorists, have welcomed the new facility as it will make navigation easier in the city of Muscat, especially for tourists who are not familiar with many places. “A lot of people have switched to the Waze navigation app (also owned by Google) because it supports voice and multiple options in terms of routes to reach a particular destination,” said Khalifa, a taxi operator. Google Navigation will also aid delivery services and on-demand taxis that depend a lot on maps to reach their destinations.