Give time for new Omani recruits to learn

MUSCAT, MAY 27 – New Omani recruits should be given enough time to acquaint themselves with the work environment.
This suggestion came from Dr Ahmed al Ghassani, CEO, Public Authority for SME Development (Riyada), while talking to the Observer on the sidelines of OSHRM (The Oman Society of Human Resources Management) Ramadhan Forum on Sunday evening.
“We have some highly qualified and bright candidates coming out of universities and they find jobs in private companies in various positions. The management of these companies should give them enough time to learn the work,” Al Ghassani said.
He said that these candidates, when given proper training and guidelines, can excel in their jobs.
According to him, these candidates, given proper training, are capable of leading the organisations.
“They expect a 22-year-old Omani graduate to perform like an expatriate who has years of experience on the job. Private companies should give Omani youth enough time to learn and perform,” Amer al Rawas, founding president of Model Investment Company, said.
Referring to the importance of human capital, he pointed out that some international companies, when buying other companies, are also keen to acquire the existing manpower to benefit from their skills.
Omani workforce needs to develop soft skills to be competitive in the market so that they have some edge in the job market. Self-confidence, critical thinking, analytical skills, decision making are few skills to mention which modern workforce need to acquire.
Shaikh Aiman al Hosani, Chief Executive Officer of Oman Airports Management Company, spoke about modern management, where work is delegated instead of the old centralised administration style. He also shared his experience in the construction and setting up of the new Muscat International Airport.
Dr Juma bin Ali Juma was the guest of honour of the event which hosted 221 HR executives and specialists, and discussion with heads of public authorities and other organisations, aimed at reviewing their experiences in human resources.