Get permission for car wrapping

Muscat: Any changes, car wrapping or any other modification that changes the look of a vehicle, needs prior approval from the Royal Oman Police (ROP).

There has been growing trend among the car lovers to get their vehicle wrapped with venyl as a means to protect its original painting. It is a thin film that is applied over the paint of the car.

“Any change in the shape, colour, or specifications of the car must be carried out with the prior permission of the Traffic Department,” a senior ROP official told the Observer.

To get one’s car vinyl wrapped, a process which also provides a wide range of customisation options, the owner must give an application to the ROP.

“Those who wish to do so must submit a written request stating the new colour required or if he just prefers to protect the original paint,” he added.

Many car owners prefer to wrap their car in venyl as a substitute to repainting the car or to change the colour. However, partial wrap is not allowed nor can they place a sticker or an advertisement without any valid permit to do so.

Car wrapping has been sought after by car lovers who want to update the look of their car, and businesses which have a fleet of vehicles and want to promote their brand on these vehicles.