Fuel stations must provide basic facilities: MoCIIP

The government said that it is mandatory for the fuel stations to provide basic and essential facilities such as clean toilets, air-filling outlets, and clean restrooms as part of their efforts to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction.
The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion (MoCIIP) was replying to complaints that the air-filling outlets at some fuel stations in Jaalan Bani Bu Ali are not functioning properly.
“There is also a lack of prayer rooms, clean restrooms, and good restaurants at some places near fuel stations,” said a few travellers in complaints to the ministry.
“The implementation of the decision to provide all the necessary services in the fuel stations will help travellers on long drives and also provide job opportunities in the shops near fuel stations,” said a citizen. According to a decision of the MoCIIP, all fuel filling stations should provide basic public amenities.
The new regulations amend the provisions related to licenses’ issuance for setting up and operation of filling stations.
The text of the amendment reads: “Articles 32 and 38 on the conditions ruling the licenses for erecting and running filling stations will be replaced by the following texts: Owners of the petrol stations should provide basic public facilities in all filling stations such as toilets and other basic services required by the geographical location of the station.”.
Operators shall ensure that these facilities are clean and available to the user during the working hours of the station.
Article 38 imposed penalties on violators starting with a written warning and then an administrative fine of RO 1,000 for some violations in case of repetition. Other fines reach up to RO 3,000 for breaching articles 26, 29, and 36.