Fram excites French to discover unspoiled beauty of Oman

With its first collaboration in Oman the Club Framissima has created lots of interest for destination Oman among the French tourists. Soon after noticing demand for Salalah destination from among the French tourists, the Framissima set up its club, mainly to facilitate the best possible services in terms excursions, entertainment and hassle free arrival and departure of the guests from France.
There has been increase in French tourists’ footfall in Salalah. Apart from regular individual tourists, one charter carrying French tourists has started operation this season.
International club chain Framissima, which is more popular as ‘Fram’, has set up its first club in Oman at Crowne Plaza Salalah “to ensure that the guests are happy while enjoying the unspoiled beauty of Oman, as most of the tourists coming from France are well travelled tourists. They come to Oman with high hopes of getting an authentic Middle Eastern experience.” The Club’s Manager Operations in Salalah, Etienne, admitted that Salalah destination was not a known destination among the French. “But all of those who arrived here started liking the place because it is very quiet… everyone has his own space and place is very relaxing.” The French, according to Etienne, are liking the vast and clean beaches, sea front hotels and an entirely different culture, which is deep rooted in its heritage. “They have nicely preserved their originality which they practice in their day-to-day life.” The potential European market, according to Etienne, should upgrade its entertainment facilities to keep the tourists engaged during their stay. “Like every tourist doesn’t want to go for excursion. They want something close to their stay –not very far and not very close – so that they can engage with the locals and their environment.
The Fram does its part by organising small events so that the tourists know each other and plan excursions etc together. It creates local atmosphere for the tourists by showcasing Omani cooking style, offering the guests Omani Coffee (Kahwa) and explain to them how to put Omani turban (masar) just to keep the tourists engaged and of course tourists like it.
As a tour operator Etienne found the excursions on the expensive side “may be due to the fact that Salalah has not yet become mass destination for tourist.”
He advised the stakeholders to take note of it because in an attempt to earn big “they are losing everything. They should keep in mind that the tourists would have spent but for those excursions being very expensive, they decided not to spend at all.” He, however, gave full marks to Salalah as emerging European market. “It has everything that tourists from Europe look for. The greenery particularly the coconut trees give Salalah a perfect setting for the tourists. It is really a very welcoming place,” he said.