Ford unveils high-tech dog house with noise cancellation

The US automobile Ford brings a kennel that cancels noise, perfect for New Year’s celebrations. The American car manufacturer recently announced a way to help calm anxious dogs during special events and occasions when loud noises are inevitable, such as parties and gatherings. Called Quiet Kennel, the dog house is equipped with a noise-cancellation technology usually found in the Fusion sedan and Edge crossover. “Making sure dogs and their owners could enjoy a stress-free New Year’s Eve seemed like the perfect application for our Active Noise Control system,” Ford Europe brand content manager Lyn West said.

The dog house poses the possibility that man’s best friend can also stay around during events. The high-tech kennel has external microphones that absorb the loud noises and a sound system that technically opposes the noise. What’s more is that the dog house is partly made of cork, which will assist in keeping away loud sounds. A “sound-deadening material” is also embedded within the kennel’s layers. As for its design, it will not look like the typical kennel but it will sport rather a minimalist, modern, and even classic style that resembles an elegant furniture, which, as others pointed out, is not something usually seen in local pet stores.

It reportedly can house one dog, but two Chihuahuas may be able to squeeze inside. Ford’s dog house has an automatic glass door and a hushed ventilation system. As much as the prototype sounds promising, the car company said that pet owners may have to wait for an unknown amount of time before they can get their hands on it. Although Ford mentioned that one of the primary uses of the high-tech dog house is to appease dogs during fireworks display, it is unclear whether it will release the wonder product in time for New Year’s Day. The noise-cancelling kennel is part of Interventions, “that applies automotive know-how to help solve everyday problems.”