Flights to Kochi start today, fares begin from RO 24

Muscat, Aug 28 – Flight services from Muscat to the Indian city of Kochi will resume from Wednesday, confirmed top officials of airlines operating out of the capital. The Cochin International Airport Ltd (CIAL) confirmed on Monday the full-scale domestic and international operations will resume from 2 pm on Wednesday. Operations from Kochi naval base, which has been temporarily opened for civil aviation, will be suspended, said a statement from CIAL. Wasim Zaidi, General Manager, Oman, Jet Airways, said the airline’s flight to Kochi will leave Muscat at 11.35 am and reach Kochi at 4.50 pm local time.

Mahesh Chaudhary, Country Manager, Air India, Oman, said the Air India Express (budget airline) flight will leave Muscat at 11.20 am on Wednesday and reach Kochi at 4.31 pm India time. Oman Air’s website revealed the Kochi flight is from 2 am on Thursday. The economy class ticket fare on Air India Express for August 29 starts from RO 50 and then drops to RO 36 in the subsequent days. The economy class one-way fare on Jet Airways for August 29 starts from RO 24. The economy class one-way fare on Oman Air for August 29 starts from RO 151 and then drops to RO 44 for September 2.

“Information regarding the readiness of the airport has been given to all airlines to ensure smooth functioning of the services,” said a statement from CIAL. Kochi airport was shut down on August 15 after the worst floods in Kerala in a century. CIAL had earlier deferred the resumption of service twice — from August 18 to 26 and then to August 29 — due to manpower and logistics issues. CIAL said most airlines will offer bookings on Kochi route on their websites on or after August 29.

Vinod Nair