FIVE Questions

Shagufta binth Hasham
is a homemaker and a mother of four. A business woman she successfully runs the Little Flowers Nurseries and Tender Buds Nursery as its directress.

What is the significance of Ramadhan to you. Why is it important?
As Muslims it is our belief that during this holy month of Ramadhan, Allah opens the flood gates of forgiveness and multiplies the reward of good deeds. Therefore, Muslim’s throughout strive to take advantage of this month.

What’s the most difficult challenge you have to personally overcome during Ramadhan?
Personally speaking, I do not experience any challenges during this holy month. It is a very fulfilling time of the year. Despite the extreme summer weather conditions, one does not feel the need to quench your thirst. The day just goes by so beautifully and before you even realise the month of Ramadhan has passed.

Do you help the poor during Ramadhan?
Yes, I do. In Islam the principle is ‘What the right hand doth the left hand shall not know.”

How is your Iftar or what constitutes your Iftar meal?
Our iftar meal is pretty simple. It starts with dates and nuts, a fresh fruit juice which is followed by soup, salad, some fruits and also kebabs or samboosas.

What is your fondest memory of Ramadhan growing up?
It is definitely the family time during meals which is the main flavour of Ramadhan. The fantastic aromas of different food and the smell of Bukhur which goes with it also adds to the atmosphere of family gatherings.