FIVE Questions

Do you have any RAMADHAN/IFTAR traditions?
It has become our tradition to gather the whole family together on ther first day of Ramadhan. We cherish to see everyone happy and healthy and we love the part that we are able to share not only our food but our compassion and love as well. For my very own family, we break our fast together and share the blessed moments together.
Guests are always welcome to have meals with us. In my house we have daily fresh made Sambousek and Lokheitmat.

What’s your fondest memory of Ramadhan?
Growing up, our parents have reward system for us. There were 7 children in our family and I remember our parents giving us a challenge to reach a time limit for fasting. It’s kind of their way to make us participate in the fasting period and prepare us for an even bigger responsibility. Whenever we can finish the fasting time they set, we receive gifts.
We always dedicate time to help. We buy and distribute water and Laban during Iftar, we share dates with people in need and my family, with my brothers and sisters, come together and then we cook and give food to people.

What’s the most difficult challenge you have to personally overcome while fasting?
Working in the kitchen, it is sometimes very challenging with all the food around. The heat also doesn’t help make it easy. Sometimes I just have to get out, gasp fresh air and get back to work.

It’s a month of wonders and purity. You may find yourself facing different challenges at all times, but you also find a way to face the challenges and master them all. Ramadhan teaches us how to be kind and how to understand the people around us.

Intisar Said Khalfan Al Mabsali
Senior Commis 1
Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara