Fitness drive: Sports Week evokes good response in Taqah

SALALAH, JULY 8 – With a view to spreading fitness message among the youth, Sports Week is being observed at the sports park in Taqah. The event, which concludes on Thursday, has programmes like recreational competitions, exercises, an open day free walking up to 15 kilometres and lectures on the importance of exercise.  The event is the brainchild of some like-minded people who had decided to form a group to do some physical activity on weekends. And later on, it was decided that there should be some rigorous programme to involve more and more people from the area, especially school and college students who are having holidays now.

“The activity includes walking, some other physical activities, as most of the public parks in and around Salalah are equipped with exercise machines. We tell people to bring more and more people and this is how we try to spread awareness among the youth. We try to convince that a little sacrifice of comforts can make big difference, as majority of youths hardly have time for physical activities on a daily basis,” said Taqah resident Awadh. The group members randomly pick some health topics to discuss and encourage the participants to raise questions.

The discussion ranges from ‘bad effects of junk food’; ‘obesity, its causes and results’; ‘effects of over medication on human body’; and most importantly, the ‘benefits of including physical activity in daily routine.’ The response, according to organisers, is good, as more and more people are joining the activities with each passing day.