The first step to a thousand-mile

FullSizeRender4By Mai Al Abria — Noora al Balushia subscribe to the idea that every journey of a thousand-mile begins with the first step. This is especially true when it comes to her artistic journey. “Many people have natural talent for the arts. But this is often not enough for one to gain recognition,” she said. Her first step into refining her talent for the arts started by joining the Omani Society for Fine Arts (OSFA). “I took that first step when I joined OSFA. I’m planning to take many more steps that would eventually, hopefully, make me as recognisable as Pablo Picasso — my greatest model,” she shared.
“With OSFA, they provided me a platform. The same way that they had been a platform for many other emerging artists. They allow us to showcase and sell our works and give art lovers insider access to new talents from around the world,” she said.
Noora became serious with drawing in 2006 when she discovered that she has talent on this field. She learned the basics of art at a youth studio.
“I believe that it is the mission of every artist to develop and enhance his or her skills. It is important that they build a base in the field so that they can alter excel,” she said.
“Possessing all of the talents in the world won’t’ get you anywhere if you are not willing to work hard, push yourself and try new approaches,” she explained.
FullSizeRender3‘Natural talent aside, I also believe that if you are passionate enough, and with intense dedication, you can absolutely acquire the drawing skills you seek,” she said.
Despite her youth, Noora has already been exposed to the works of other talented artists.
“I’ve met too many people who have exhibited truly remarkable drawing abilities. Many of them seem to possess an effortless command of drawing that seems to transcend age and/or experience. Omani artists who are members of OSFA are extremely talented and have unlimited commitment to their art,” she noted.
Noora joined OSFA in 2011 and since then, she tried not to miss any event or contest. She always dedicated herself into taking part.
She believes that any artist needs the support of others to grow and he/she needs to view the works of others to learn from.
“I learned from all the shared experiences of other artists that no one will take you to the top if you don’t catch the available opportunities. Fierce commitment to learning and the ability to experiment and take FullSizeRenderrisks are essential to achieving success,” she said.
“I keep participating to workshops, exhibitions and forums organised by OSFA. I have already participated at several exhibitions inside Oman but only one participation outside the Sultanate at the GCC Art festival.
Al Balushia has took into consideration that her top duty is to reflect the Omani identity on her art.
“I always work on Omani women — their traditional cloths, their daily duties for the family and also towards the community. I feature Omani traditional houses, the Arabian coffee and I have deep passion for Omani coffee,” sje narrated.
“Local accessories also have taken part of my attention and has spent some time drawing the Omani frankincense burner. On top of that, I also depict the Omani environment on my work. This is to help attract tourists to our lovely country,” she said.
“In working on these projects, I use both realistic and surrealist art types,” she added.
“My journey has definitely long started. No one knows the hidden surprises of the future. My focus at present is to have my personal exhibition and in time, hopefully do more participations in international art festivals.”