First Green Hydrogen Centre opens in Oman

Muscat: Oman Hydrogen Centre comes into realty as the world’s thirst for renewable energy rises.

Referred to as the game-changer, green hydrogen in Oman has become a reality with the inaugural event of Oman Hydrogen Centre at GU Tech in Oman in coordination with Hydrogen Rise from Germany, which is aimed to become an international competence hub for research, technology, education, industry application and economy.

At the function held under the patronage of Eng Azza al Ismaili, Minister of Technology and Telecommunications and in the presence of Minister of Oil and Gas, Dr Mohammed al Rumhi, the Ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany, Thomas friedrich Scheider said Germany will be an importer of renewable energy.  “This opens new opportunities for commerce and trade.  Oman has a great potential to be an exporter of green hydrogen,” he said.

He also welcomed an Omani-Germany energy dialogue and welcomed Omani experts on a study tour to Germany.  He also proposed to dedicate a day as Omani-Germany Energy Day.

The incubator for the Oman Hydrogen Centre is the German University of Technology in Oman.  The university statement said that the main vision of Oman Hydrogen Centre is to support Oman in the globally changing energy industry and to pave the way for ‘Oman Hydrogen Economy’.  The statement added, “With an Oman market perspective of US $ 20 billion in 2050, hydrogen is a supplement and especially in the long term, a substitute for oil and natural gas.”  The highlight was also on the need to take united stand between the stakeholders – the government, Oman Hydrogen Centre as well as the local and global industry that is moving towards the energy transition.