Firms can use staff accommodation for institutional isolation

Muscat: Companies and private institutions can use their staff accommodation for institutional health isolation by following certain conditions.

Providing accommodation service for institutional quarantine for a period of seven days according to requirements issued by the Ministry of Health (single room with toilet)

Providing catering services for the daily basic meals for the isolated worker at the place of residence in disposable tools for all meals.

Provide a laundry service.

Providing transportation / or contracting with Mwasalat / or any other company to transport the worker coming from Muscat International Airport to the company’s isolation site and at the company’s account.
Allocating a specific place at the company’s isolation site to conduct the second PCR test and removing the bracelet at the company’s account by coordinating with one of the private health institutions accredited by the General Directorate of Private Health Institutions of the Ministry of Health to conduct the PCR test and provide the licensing from the system (Tarassud) +.

Determine the actual number of vacant rooms in the isolation site proposed by the company and its capacity in accordance with the requirements of health institutions.

The cleanliness of the rooms in the institutional health isolation and the surrounding environment, with providing an appropriate way for storing and transporting garbage at the isolation site (closed garbage container/way of proper waste disposal).

Providing transportation to serve isolated workers working in emergency health cases during their stay with one of the approved private health institutions (a vehicle designated for transporting emergency cases).

Commitment to providing precautionary sanitary tools (masks + disinfectants + cleaning materials + alcohol sterilizers)

Installing devices (Rassed) from the company (e mushrif) at the company’s account.

Allocating a separate reception desk at the institutional isolation site for its management.

Installing thermal cameras at the main entrances to places of health institutional isolation.

Submit a request for approval to the Director-General of Social Development in the governorate, the supervisor of the relief and shelter sector in order to use a health isolation site belonging to the company

Obtaining approval from the technical work team represented by the Royal Oman Police, the medical response sector, public health, and the relief and shelter sector in the governorate after the field visit.
Providing security escorts by security and safety personnel and with the commitment to submit a periodic report.

Install surveillance devices (cameras) at the entrances to the isolation site.

The passenger should present the following documents at the airport:
A copy of the resident card and a letter from the company stating that the worker will be in the health isolation of the company’s approved by the competent authority team.