Fine arts forum allows local artists exchange knowledge with international experts

A colourful rendition of women doing different household chores in an unnamed street and a facade of a white house peppered with trees and plants while a water fountain runs endlessly at the front are just two paintings currently on display at the Panorama Mall in Ghubra.
These two paintings join dozens of others demonstrating not only excellent work from artists in the Sultanate but those based abroad as well.
The Al Siyabi Global Group in coordination with the Omani Society for Fine Arts of the Diwan of Royal Court launches today the International Forum for the Fine Arts.
The opening today will be under the patronage of Shiekh Khaled al Marhoon, Minister of Civil Service.
The forum gathers a number of fine artists from different parts of the world aiming at enriching the fine arts movement in the Sultanate and giving the Omani artists the chance to meet with international art expert and exchange knowledge.
The forum includes some art workshops discussing different art methods and techniques along with other activities. A group of amateur artists will hold workshops under the supervision of international artists. An intellectual seminar will take place to discuss art related issues.
Abdulrazaq Hamooda, the Manager of the forum says “we have invited students from Sultan Qaboos University and the Scientific Design College to enrich the sessions with their valuable comments and feedback. We would like the students to interact with the international artists and give their opinion on the current art situation to get out from the traditional style of seminars”.
The forum will last for six days.