Field hospital project under way to ease burden on healthcare

Muscat: The Sultanate is studying on a project to set up a field hospital for COVID-19 which will help ease the burden on the existing healthcare system.

It may be noted there are currently 5,330 COVID-19 positive cases in the country as 76,720 of 82,050 patients have fully recovered, while 533 people lost lives because of the infection.

Dr Qasim bin Ahmed al Salmi of Royal Hospital was quoted by Oman, the sister publication of the Observer, “The study is aimed at accommodating and treating COVID-19 patients, which will help reduce the burden and pressure on the existing healthcare institutions, so that they continue to provide their services to non-COVID patients.

He added, “There is a directive to study the establishment of a field hospital with a capacity of 200 to 300 patients who do not require intensive care, which needs an integrated health system, devices and equipment including doctors, nurses and other medical staff.

The hospital building plan has been assigned to an engineering company, while a medical team is currently working on completing the proposed project.

Among the several sites proposed for the field hospital include the old Muscat Airport building, especially since this building is spacious, but needs some facilities meant for healthcare.