A festival with something for everyone!

MUSCAT: The heritage village at Al Naseem Park is a new addition to Muscat Festival this year. It is the most visited site by festival-goers of various nationalities and age groups as it reflects a multiplicity of Omani environments. Foreign visitors to Al Naseem Park are generally preoccupied with exploring the Omani culture and identifying various Omani environments through history. The heritage village is teeming with tools and equipment used by ancient Omanis some of which are still in use.
The maritime corner, part of the heritage village, enables visitors to explore fishing, maritime trade and shipbuilding which are among earliest and most important occupations in Oman. This corner showcases how fishing nets and boats are made. Visitors can also buy souvenirs and replicas of maritime items. Another corner within the heritage village is dedicate to date palm and handicrafts products and traditional weaving tools. This corner also showcases products traditionally made of silver such as rings, wristbands and medals. Another corner is dedicated to traditional wood products such as mandoos (a box made of wood) and Holy Quran book holders.
The heritage village museum showcases electric appliances which were part of the household in the previous century including telephones, cameras, radios, televisions and phonographs. The oldest radio in the museum dates back to 1930. The museum also displays old stationary and school bags used at the outset of education.