Fee cap on postal handling charges

Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA), in cooperation with the Directorate General of Customs, has issued directives to all licensed postal companies to set a fee cap for the handling charges collected by postal companies from beneficiaries.
The fee cap on handling charges is effective for one year, starting from January 12, 2020. The fee cap for personal postal articles with a value not exceeding RO300 is RO2 and RO4 for articles valued above RO300.
Amounts paid on behalf of the beneficiaries during the clearance process will be collected by postal companies upon delivery of the postal articles. These amounts may include customs duties on goods and articles and any costs incurred during the clearance and handling procedures.
Licensed postal/courier service providers carry out the customs clearance process on behalf of the beneficiaries, through which customs duties that beneficiaries are required to pay for the postal articles are paid by the postal service providers to expedite the clearance process.
Dear postal services beneficiaries: All international incoming postal articles are subject to customs clearance at ports of entry by the Directorate General of Customs.