EU to redesign public spaces to curb terror

BRUSSELS: The EU on Wednesday unveiled plans to help redesign European public spaces to make it harder to carry out low-tech terror attacks like those in Barcelona and Nice.
The European Commission pledged more than 100 million euros to help towns and cities, many of them historic tourist magnets, adapt their public spaces after a two-year wave of attacks that have killed hundreds of people in crowded areas.
“We can’t stop all attacks,” EU Security Commissioner Julian King told a press conference. “But we can make it harder and harder for the terrorists and others who wish us ill to carry out the attacks.”
The steps include improving security barriers in crowded places, guidance on design to protect public spaces, and advice on how to protect sports and cultural events.
“We believe we can make public spaces less vulnerable without completely changing their nature as fundamentally open spaces where we gather to live our lives,” King said.
He referred to a recent wave of “low-tech terrorism” where extremists have used vehicles to kill and maim civilians, most recently in August in the Spanish port of Barcelona and a nearby resort, in which 16 people were killed — AFP