Ensure roadworthiness of vehicles, avoid accidents

Muscat, April 7 – Motorists are required to take seriously the slightest of concerns about their vehicles as it may lead to accidents, including fatal ones.
The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) and the car dealerships have recalled a number of vehicles, including sedans and crossovers, to rectify various defects.
Some of these defects are damage to passenger seats due to long exposure to moisture and high temperatures, vehicles not made as per specifications, problems with safety belts, glass window and door locking systems.
“Driven in Oman at high speeds, it will be difficult for the drivers to take their vehicles to safety from the middle of the road. Malfunctions can develop unannounced but some preventive measures can minimise the damage,” said Qader, a technician at the service centre of a leading automobile dealership.
“Most drivers just do not bother about their vehicles as they feel it is taken care of during routine check-ups. Any minor discrepancies such as unusual engine sound or jerks should be taken with utmost attention,” he added.
“Vehicles have to be kept fit just like we keep our body. Chances of restoring normalcy diminish just as we delay the treatment to any illness,” said senior automobile engineer associated with a luxury brand. According to GCC Standardisation Organisation (GSO) based in Oman, only 20 per cent of vehicle owners respond to vehicle recalls.
Around 94 per cent of road accidents occur due to human error, while external factors such as vehicle defects and road design issues are responsible for the remaining six per cent.
Over 100,000 vehicles have been recalled in Oman during the past four to five years.
A vehicle recall is seen as one of the rights of the consumers as it ensures the worthiness of vehicles and tyres.
“With Oman facing extreme temperatures during summer and weather conditions such dust storms and flowing wadis, it is important to keep vehicles in right conditions all time,” said Sajid Kamal, an automobile engineer.