Ensure ACs run efficiently

The Authority for Electricity Regulation (AER) has launched a campaign to raise awareness on the need to maintain the energy efficiency of air-conditioners. The campaign, being held at Muscat Grand Mall, will run until April 21. It will be held from 10 am to 9 pm with tips for adults and activities for children such as colouring and face-painting.
Air-conditioners account for 70 per cent of energy consumption during summer. Studies conducted by AER have found electricity bills triple during that season.

“The campaign is targeted at the general public. We are here to provide people with simple steps to follow for increasing the efficiency of ACs which will be working overtime during summer,” said Faisal Baabood, Project Specialist, AER.
The objective is to increase the efficiency of ACs as well as their life span.
One of the steps the authority is recommending is cleaning of the filter. “Cleaning the filter not only increases efficiency of the AC, but also provides you with cleaner air,” said Baabood.
The second step is to check the outdoor unit. “Most people think it is a difficult task, but it is not. All we need to do is run some water downward from top to ensure the dirt is removed. Carrying out this action regularly will ensure the outdoor unit will run efficiently.”
According to Baabood, it is the outdoor unit that expels hot air from your home. Hence, it’s an important part of an AC.
Research has proven the overall maintenance of these units have a significant impact on operations of the AC system.
An efficient system also means the temperature should not be kept too low. It can be set at 23 degrees, the ideal temperature, which ensures the AC runs efficiently. This also reduces energy consumption and brings down the electricity bills.
ACs that are not serviced can cause health problems from breathing unclean air.
“If there are strange noises from the AC or water leak or unusual smells, then it is an indication for AC owners to call professional technicians. We suggest that the people call reputable and qualified people to fix technical issues. Annual maintenance is highly recommended,” he pointed out.
Most ACs are idle throughout winter, which results in accumulation of dirt inside. Therefore, ACs need servicing before they can be used.