Employers get grace period to change work status of non-Omani staff

Muscat: The Ministry of Labour has announced that employers will get a grace period to correct the status of their expatriate employees between December 6 and January 6, as part of the efforts to regulate the labour market.

The decision, which was announced on Tuesday, allows modifying the professions of the non-Omani workforce from the banned sectors to other professions or vice versa and permitting the amendment of occupations at different professional levels in accordance with the requirements of the profession.

Transfer of non-Omani manpower data from one activity to another in the same establishment according to the licencing requirements of the business.

The decision allows amending the wages of the non-Omani workforce according to the approved work contract.

Permission to transfer non-Omani manpower services from one employer to another according to the controls and prescribed actions.

An employer may apply for a licence to recruit and engage in work a non-Omani citizen from inside the Sultanate in the suspended activities if conditions are met.

It allows cancellation of the worker leaving the work notification after paying the fees decided to cancel the report, fees and fines resulting from the expiration of the worker’s license to practice work, and an exception to the period stipulated for canceling the notification by the employer.