Elmar, the story of a burning bud

A movie that talks about the lives of expatriate children who are subject to imposed sojourn and how their childhood has been molded for good or bad in life.

Majority of the artistes and technicians are from GCC countries while the lead is performed by Santhosh Keezhattur, an artiste par excellence who has already proved his mettle in various films with top names.


Produced by Raj Govind, an art lover foram Aluva under Raj Govind Productions is written and directed by Gopi Kuttikkol. Ace singer Hariharan has sung a song that depicts the life of an expatriate.

Master Dev is the lead child actor in the movie Elmar the Burning Bud which tells us that these isolated lives are tantamount to being an orphan.

The boy called Elmar is a highly talented soul with finer artistic skills but he has not smiled for years. This has been a puzzling fact for others who are closer to the boy but he has an answer to all questions. However, the society mumbles in front of this questions. He shares his stories, thoughts and views with Taniya.

Kanjangad Ramachandran and Ajay Kumar did the score to the lyrics of Rafeeq Ahmed. Jisbin has captured the visuals in an anesthetic way while Shafeer Edavally controlled the production. Elmar thr Burning Bud will soon hit the theaters once the post production works are over.