Oman to celebrate Eid al Fitr tomorrow

Muscat: Oman is celebrating the Eid ul Fitr on Sunday that marks the end of month-long fasting of the holy month of Ramadhan amid stringent measures aimed at tackling the Covid-19 spread.

There will not be any Eid prayers, congregations and visiting near and dear ones. Offenders will be strictly dealt with. There will be ‘Takbir’ from the mosques, just as call for prayers.

The world leaders exchanged greetings with His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq al Said, on the auspicious occasion and wished each other prosperity and progress.

The Supreme Committee (SC) designated to tackle the Covid-19 has urged all citizens and residents in the country to strictly abide by the guidelines and instructions imposed on Eid days and help stop community spread of the same.

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) has been tasked by the Supreme Committee on Covid-19 to monitor and check the premises, public and private institutions and establishments to ensure that the SC decisions were strictly implemented.

Accordingly, fines and, detention where needed, will be awarded to the offenders and violators of the decisions of the Supreme Committee during and post-Eid days.

Restrictions on Eid days are particularly concerning social distancing and self-hygiene practices for the sake of the health and safety of all.

Do’s and Don’ts during Eid holidays:

1) Do not step out of the place where you stay unless it is really necessary.

2) Do not invite anyone to your homes nor should you visit anyone.

3) Always maintain social distancing of at least one-metre from each other.

4) Avoid Eid greetings, hugging and shaking hands as human contact is the key to coronavirus transmission.

5) Use masks and sanitise your hands time to time.

6) Do not travel, avoid cycling and do not attempt any mode of sporting activity in public.

7) Wash your hands very often as one’s fingertips are found to be transporting the virus.

8) Avoid visiting beaches or parks or any place where people used to gather other times.

9) Refrain from standing in groups, not near your house and without any necessity.

10) Educate others about the severity of the deadly disease and make your friends and relatives aware of the precautions against Covid-19.


“All tourism sites will remain shut and so do clubs, stores, fitness clubs, gyms in addition to barber shops and beauty salons.  Violators shall be subject to an administrative fine of RO 3, 000 and or detention of the offender and if case of repeated offence, the punishment will be awarded accordingly,” a senior official said.


  1. A fine of RO 20 will be imposed on those who do not use masks in public places, including commercial places.
  2. A fine of RO 100 will be imposed on all who participate in gatherings, including holiday gatherings, weddings, and places of worship.
  3. Refraining from Covid-19 test amounts to fine of RO 200.
  4. Failure to comply with the Supreme Committee’s instructions by individuals has a fine of RO 200.
  5. Non-compliance with commercial activities has fine of RO 3, 000.
  6. Call for gathering of individuals, has a fine of RO 1, 500.
  7. Participation in gatherings by individuals has fine of RO 100.
  8. Not wearing gags in public places amounts to fine of RO 20.
  9. RO 1, 500 fine plus establishment’s closure for a month over failure to abide by the measures and requirements.
  10. Refraining from wearing or damaging the tracking bracelet is will invite a fine of RO 300.
  11. Any other violations and one has to pay RO 100.