Efforts on to restore normality in Ibri

IBRI: The Ibri Municipality has intensified its efforts to repair the damage caused by a rainstorm that hit the wilayat on Monday uprooting trees and destroying properties.
As Soon as the storm was over, municipality officials sprang into action to fix lamppost and clean up heaps of debris. A field team was formed to follow up the maintenance of street lighting in cooperation with the Majan Electricity Company.
A rainstorm and strong winds hit the Wilayat of Ibri on Monday destroying properties. The storm which lasted for 45 minutes caused damages at the Fatima bint Asad Basic Education School, the taxi parking shade besides and other public buildings. The storm also damaged more than 20 vehicles at the city centre.
Shaikh Dr Khalaf bin Salim al Is’haqi, Wali of Ibri said the wilayat’s centre experienced a rainstorm accompanied by strong winds and heavy rains with the area between the Ibri market roundabout and the Sultan Qaboos Mosque roundabout being the hardest hit by the storm. Vehicles parked on roadsides were hit by flying debris and collapsed billboards. Three lampposts also collapse near the mosque roundabout before they were removed by the Directorate of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources in Al Dhahirah Governorate and they will be reinstalled later on. The Majan Electricity Company reinstalled 6 utility poles which collapsed after the storm.
A number of citizens and expats sustained injuries during the storm and they were transferred to the Ibri Referral Hospital to receive medical treatment. Most of the injured were discharged from hospital and they are in good condition, the wali said.
A special emergency committee was formed under the chairmanship of the Wali of Ibri. The committee began its work immediately after the storm had subsided. The committee in cooperation with government bodies and locals is putting huge efforts to restore semblance of normal life.