Education Council endorses document on future skills

MUSCAT: The Education Council has endorsed the document ‘Oman National Framework for Future Skills’, in response to the rapid changes currently taking place in the world that is directly reflected in the educational process.

With the emergence of the global technological and information revolution and the outcomes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its related technologies, it has become necessary for those in charge of education to further concentrate on improving the learners’ skills to enable them to adapt to the changing world and continue to learn for life in order to be able to compete on both local and global levels.

The document comes in implementation of the recommendations made at the symposium “education and development trends, existing and future employment opportunities in the labour market”, held by the Education Council in May 2017. The recommendation reads: (Preparing a document that includes the 21st-century skills and competencies and the results of the fourth industrial revolution and general skills necessary for the labour market, to be integrated into the educational programmes of schools and higher education institutions.

Accordingly, the Education Council assigned a work team headed by the Ministry of Education with the participation of the authorities concerned with education, and the private sector to develop the document previously prepared by the ministry, and include the skills required for the fourth industrial revolution, and the general skills needed for the changing labour market in a manner that integrate the skills required in various types, stages and levels of education.

The Oman National Framework for Future Skills is a document that seeks to achieve several goals, the most important of which are: providing a unified vision for educators and education stockholders in the Sultanate to enable them to integrate future skills in the educational system, finding a common understanding about future skills among the various educational authorities which enables them to work in harmony, developing the educational system in the Sultanate to keep pace with the requirements of sustainable development, upgrading educational and learning practices in line with international standards, and ensuring that learners are provided with the skills necessary to keep pace with the rapid international development.

It is worth noting that the Oman National Framework for Future Skills document is in line with the Human and Society pillar of the Oman Vision 2040 which targets to establish a highly competitive educational system that keeps pace with the sustainable development and the future skills requirements. —ONA

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