Early detection best way to treat cancer

The Oman Cancer Association took part in the Salalah Tourism Festival with its mobile screening unit and its volunteers were seen interacting with visitors and explaining them about the disease, which according to them, is curable and manageable if detected early.
A volunteer for 15 years, Muna al Aufi, admitted that many women do not come for screening for some false fears. “We convince them that early detection is the best way to treat cancer and for women we offer free screening during our visits in the interiors of Oman, particularly on occasions like this where we get to interact with a large number of people.”
“The OCA’s Mobile Mammography Unit (MMU) visits every year to STF with technical staff and volunteers with a view to raising awareness about breast cancer among women. Last year we conducted more than 100 tests and this year’s response at our unit is encouraging and we find that with every passing year more and more come to our unit for counselling and free breast cancer screening,” she said.
The test is conducted on women over the age of 40. The OCA volunteers interact with the visitors and post screening suspected cases are referred to the specialists for consultation and evaluation.
The MMU has a target to visit all the governorates of Oman every year. It is like a cycle that starts from Muscat, South and North Batinah, Buraimi, Dhahirah, South Sharqiyah, North Sharqiyah, Al Wusta, Dakhiliyah and Dhofar.
The OCA aspires to send the MMU unit in every part of the Sultanate to raise awareness about cancer and conduct screening on women for breast cancer.
The number of women availing the screening, according to Muna al Aufi, has increased considerably in last few years. The mobile units are also fitted with ultrasound machines to facilitate better and proper screening.
“The MMU has been hugely beneficial in detecting and fast tracking breast cancer cases all over the Sultanate and supporting women regardless of their nationality or religion,” she said.