E-Census 2020: Electricity account is proof of address

The Media Committee for Electronic Census of Population, Housings and Establishments 2020 held its third meeting at the Ministry of Information on Tuesday, which was chaired by Ali bin Khalfan Al Jabri, Undersecretary of Ministry of Information.

Al Jabri emphasized on the importance of nurturing a culture of updating data and highlighting its role in decision-making and strategic planning, which will be reinforced through boosting media activities in the next phase of the nationwide campaign ‘Your data, Your Identity.’

Also discussed at the meeting were achievements of the campaign’s first phase, which focused mainly on raising awareness about the project, its importance, and objectives, information required for updating data, procedures and essential documents.

Shedding light on efforts exerted by the media related authorities, Al Jabri said there has been a positive interaction between the project’s stakeholders from the private and government sectors.

The stakeholders have participated in many radio and television programs as well as disseminated press releases, which aimed at encouraging people to update their data. Additionally, they placed the project’s visual identity on their websites, official correspondence, electricity bills, and street advertising.

The authorities related to E-Census 2020 also issued ministerial announcements and sent text messages to the public.

“Data is considered as the real wealth that can be utilized for establishing modern societies. E-Census 2020 project aspires to keep up with the rapid growth of big data revolution by building a comprehensive national database that is in par with international standards. This information will help us in driving sustainable development,” said Eng. Omar Al Ismaili, Director General of E-Census 2020.

Al Ismaili also stressed on the importance of updating electricity account information as it is considered proof of the individual’s and establishment’s address.

‘Your data, your identity’ is a nationwide campaign aimed towards encouraging citizens, residents, and institutions across the Sultanate to update their data and ensure its accuracy. This will contribute to providing the national registers with timely and correct data on population, housings, and establishments.



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