Don’t put up speed bumps: Municipality

MUSCAT, Jan 19 – Muscat Municipality, as part of its clampdown on unauthorised constructions, demolished more speed-breakers in some parts of the city. “The municipality will not tolerate any kind of construction activity that violates laws,” said an official at the Technical Inspection Department.
On the weekend, the Directorate General of Muscat Municipality in Seeb demolished illegal constructions, including speed-breakers.
According to the official, to suit their convenience, speed-breakers are erected by individuals or companies on roads in front of their residences or offices.
“This is like encroaching on government properties, apart from causing inconvenience to motorists. This is a violation of municipal laws and can invite hefty fines,” he said.
Similarly, he said some building owners are also found to have erected additional constructions without permission from the authorities concerned. According to Article 126 of the Building Regulations, no constructions — either temporary or permanent — should be made on public roads, public squares or open spaces owned by the government unless approval is obtained from the municipality.
“In case of land owned by others, owners’ approval should be obtained in accordance with the conditions set by the municipality,” the law states.
The official said erection of speed-breakers or any other construction on roads amounts to tampering with public property.
“Such activities can damage public utilities like water, sewage system, electricity or even underground cable systems,” he said.
According to Article 2 of civic order 32/97 on the Protection of Public Utilities of the Muscat Municipality, it is prohibited to damage municipal facilities, equipment and supplies, whether by tampering, cracking or sabotaging.
The official also said in addition to legal consequences, offenders will have incur expenses in terms of removal of the illegal constructions.