Donate from anywhere, at any time with a single click during Ramadhan

MUSCAT: Each year, with the beginning of Ramadhan, the Information Technology Authority (ITA) launches the donation campaign providing an alternative option for donating which is more secure, transparent, easy to use and convenient through the donations portal for charitable organisations, ( urging people to extend their hands to those in need. The campaign is activated through different media channels and its social networks accounts. The bilingual portal makes it easy for Omani citizens and residents to donate with a single click from anywhere and at their convenience without visiting any charitable organisations.
Up to now, the portal serves 26 charitable organisations including Dar Al Atta, Oman Association for Disabled, Environment Society of Oman, The Association of the Welfare of the Handicapped, Al Noor Association for the Blind, the Association of Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs, National Association for Cancer Awareness, Oman Hereditary Blood Disorder Association, Al Rahma Charity Team, House of Funds and Zakah, Omani Association for Elderly Friends, Oman Diabetes Association, Omani Bahjah Orphan Society, Oman Charitable Organization, Al Rahma Association for Motherhood and Childhood, Ministry of endowments and Religious Affairs — Zakat Division, Al-istiqama Al khayriayah, Ghiras Charity Team, Charity and Alms Fund and Manah Charity Team. Once accessing the portal, donors can choose to donate either by cause or by charity.
As an alternative to visiting the portal online, donors now have the option to donate via the mobile app, which is easily downloadable from the online portal, Android’s Play store or App Store. According to the latest statistics, more than RO 2,912,377.62 by more than 111,721 donors has been raised through the portal since its launch and distributed to different causes and charitable organisations.