Doing more in less time during Ramadhan

When we look for achievements and career growth, it is easier to focus on what is being given to us as opportunities. While many of us wait for the opportunity to knock on our doors, there are others who move forward dynamically with productivity.
‘1 Nation’ is a group of volunteers who work as a bridge between various communities in bringing an understanding of Islam to others. In a conversation with the co-founder, Al Humaid al Shuaili, the topic of productivity came up.
He said, “There is a major misconception about Ramadhan and productivity. A lot of people feel that during the month of Ramadhan, the productivity goes low. Actually it is different for us. Most of our activities and major events happen during Ramadhan and people become more active. Most of the time people delay doing things because they have a lot of time. But once you create a sense of urgency, we begin to manage our time very well, and this is what happens during Ramadhan. The holy month is a short period and goes very fast. At the same time, you end up doing more in less time.
But the challenges always come with how people organise themselves and their time. For example, if you sleep late and wake up very early, you will be tired. So it depends how you organise yourself around the activities of Ramadhan, whether it is worship or social activities.”
Many are already feeling sad this special event is coming to the end. On sighting of the moon, announcement on Eid would be made soon. But each year, many people feel they graduate towards their goal. And there is also a sense of achievement as well as doubt if one has done enough.
But there are lessons to be carried forward and one of them would be time management, although schedules would all change once again. But there is an interval period and that is the Eid holidays.
There are many corporate houses that have taken charity initiatives in many ways. It was wonderful to watch volunteers and organisations come up with innovative measures to help people. Hope the trend continues to grow. There is nothing as satisfying as to read and learn about how successfully someone has been able to extend a helping hand to someone who needed it.
There might have been many minds put together to come up with ideas and it is time to congratulate everyone who has been able to successfully contribute.
For example, the event, ‘Taste of Iftar’, was arranged completely by volunteers and patrons who came forward to make it happen year after year.
“It all depends on the volunteers, their money, time and skills. This is what we encourage at ‘1 Nation’ and that is creating a platform for the youth. You know if youth are free, there is a problem. So we bring them together to be active and engage in various events. Volunteering and volunteers are backbone of society. We cannot expect everything to be done by the government and other formal entities. So one of our aims is to bring the youth together to spend their time productively,” explained Al Humaid.
Come Eid holidays and it is all about happiness and sharing. And I remember the late Shaikh Khalfan al Esry as saying during our programmes, “Do not forget about the forgotten ones.” It could be someone whom we do not hear from so often. It could be someone who is in the hospital. But here’s wishing that the joy Eid generates reaches everyone.
Holiday also means travelling. So, hope everyone practises defensive driving and have a safe holiday.
But just before the holidays begin, it is an opportunity to look back and reflect if we have done enough and if there is something more we could contribute. Happy and safe holidays.