Does reading make your day?

The love of reading is a blessing which is not gifted to many people; especially reading books. Though, today it’s common that reading from different sources of knowledge has become a habit for many people of different ages. Reading books, newspapers, magazines, novels or even reading e-books on mobiles or computers is becoming must-to-do daily task for many people.
Despite the passion for modern technology and social media, there are people who never quit the habit of starting the day with reading. The first thing they do is feeding their minds. Newspapers, books and novels are most popular and widely read by people in offices, coffee shops or at home; as some love reading before going to bed.
Are you among the reading enthusiasts who regard reading as part of your daily routine? Imagine they never skip a day without reading a few pages of a book. Their life is meaningless without the blessing of a book being kept in their cars, bedrooms and offices. Always, book lovers never go to bed alone! It’s just books that make their day! Perhaps they believe in the saying: “Let books be your dining table, and you shall be full of delights. Let them be your mattress, and you shall sleep restful nights.” Do you believe that even toilets sometimes are outfitted with a small shelf for books or magazines? Are those people so crazy about reading, or they just enjoy their time in the toilets with some reading! I’ve seen this in a friend’s house while visiting him in his country a couple of years ago. I was really shocked to see a shelf jam-packed with magazines and novels in that tiny toilet. Am just wondering that you hardly get enough space in that toilet; so how would they enjoy reading there! Being a close friend, I had ask him surprisingly; are you reading in your toilet?! He cheerfully answered that he reads novels and his wife reads magazines. No more comments! Anyway, we can’t blame people for their habits and life secrets.
Let’s think aloud and evaluate ourselves; Are we real readers? Are we reading enough? In other words, how much we care about reading as parents, students or professionals? For instance at book fairs, you see people of different ages grabbing books, references and other educational material, but do they read all of these? For some, visiting a book fair is a kind of entertainment to enjoy their time or it’s just out of curiosity. Even though, it is very thrilling to see individuals, parents and groups of school students visiting the recent book fair. Purchasing books is always good; definitely they will be of real value and good use someday sooner or later.
It is good time to teach students and children the values and significance of reading. Getting children to the book fair is an efficient dose of encouragement for them; allow them to choose the books they like. Through this experience, teachers and parents would urge children to love reading and make it a habit.
Generally, the biggest pleasure comes from what we read, not from on what we read. The real difference lies in our attitude towards reading. It’s said that there is a great difference between an eager man who wants to read a book and the tired man who wants a book to read.
The annual book fair is one of the most significant cultural phenomenon happening in the Sultanate. However, it comes every year with almost the same agenda; only books and workshops. With full recognition of the significance of written works, new activities shall be added on the fair’s agenda to make it more attractive. Visual sessions on cartoons or documentary movies and entertaining educational activities, to name a few, could be introduced
to make it real insightful and different cultural gathering.