Documentary highlights state of Sooty Falcon

By Lakshmi Kothaneth — MUSCAT: May 10 – A documentary on Sooty Falcon was screened on Wednesday at the Oman Environmental Forum. The falcon was in focus on the day dedicated as the International Day for Migratory Birds. The Office of Conservation of Environment, Diwan of Royal Court, screened the documentary. “The Sooty Falcon migrates to Oman early May and stays until November. The film documents its cycle throughout the very hot summer period. It documents its migration to the South up to its final destination: Madagascar,” said the Managing Director of Environmental Affairs, Dr Mansoor al Jahdhami, Office of Conservation of Environment, Diwan of Royal Court.

A team from the Office of Conservation of Environment, in collaboration with scientists from Madagascar, studied the Sooty Falcon and its life in Madagascar. “Some people hunt these birds for food. Other threats are the use of chemicals and pesticides on crops,” said Dr Jahdhami. Sooty Falcons are protected in the Sultanate as all other endangered species. “The species is under threat and their numbers are declining. So we need to take steps to protect them,” said Dr Jahdhami.