Do we need special lanes for public transport buses and ambulances?

In view of the increasing traffic congestion on roads, Mwasalat has suggested special lanes for both public transport buses and ambulances. It has sought priority for both ambulances and public transport buses when crossing the traffic signals. Replying to a post on social media about the traffic situation on Oman’s roads, Mwasalat has called upon the public to respond to its recommendations for special lanes.
The company called for public engagement to put “extra pressure” on the authorities concerned to come up with a proper solution to ease congestion.
The issue has been raised several times on traditional media as well as social media.
Many reacted to the post, with some offering their own traffic solutions, while some concurred with Mwasalat’s recommendations. The blocking of passage for ambulances has already been criminalised by the traffic law. However, the problem arises when motorists get stuck in traffic and find it difficult to allow ambulances to pass.
This makes it imperative for the authorities to regulate traffic lanes to ensure such incidents don’t obstruct ambulances from transporting patients. The obstruction of ambulances is treated very seriously in the country. Irresponsible motorists will face up to seven years in jail as per the amendments to Article 112 of the Sultanate’s criminal law.