Discussion of draft healthcare law continues today

Muscat, Feb 5 – The State Council will continue on Wednesday the discussion of the report of the Social Committee on the Draft law on the regulation of doctor’s practice and allied medical professions, forwarded by the Council of Ministers, and the report of the Majlis Ash’shura. The session was chaired by Dr Yahya bin Mahfoudh al Mantheri, the Chairman of the State Council, in the presence of the members of the Council and the Secretary-General of the Council.

The Chairman in his opening speech welcomed the honourable members and reviewed the agenda of the session. He said that the meeting will be devoted to discussing the draft law on healthcare professions. He said the session on Wednesday will discuss the suggestion of the Economic Committee to study the proposal “to amend the Economic Development Law issued by Royal Decree No. (9/75)”, in addition to a number of reports on the work of the Council. Dr Hamad bin Sulaiman al Salami, Head of the Social Committee of the Council, presented the Committee’s statement on the draft law, explaining that its importance stems from the fact that it incorporates developments in the sector and ensures quality of service in healthcare sector.

Dr Hamad reviewed the committee’s efforts in studying the draft law, and the committee’s discussion of the draft and the report of the Majlis Ash’shura. The Head of the social committee reviewed the committee’s efforts in studying the draft law, where the committee discussed the draft and the report of Majlis Ash’shura, and discussed the draft law on the “Law of practicing the profession of human medicine and dentistry” issued by the Royal Decree No. (22/96). Several experts from the Ministry of Health and the Omani Council of Medical Specialities were consulted to obtain their views on the project. Comments of some honourable members of the Council were included with the opinion of the Legal Committee on the project.