Dhofar begins repair of roads after Luban damage

Salalah: Heavy rains in the wake of Luban storm damaged Al Mugsail road in the Wilayat of Dhalkout leading to a traffic disruption that lasted for several hours before the road was restored. The road linking Wilayat of Rakhyout to Dhalkout and the road linking the centre of Dhalkout to the Niyabat of Khadrafi and Sarfait area, were also damaged due to heavy rains.
The Dhalkout Municipality and the office of Dhalkout’s wali are making continued efforts to reopen the affected roads for traffic, and remove rocks from roads.
Shaikh Salim bin Musalam al Shanfari, Wali of Dhalkout inspected the ongoing restoration operations.
Speaking to Oman Arabic, sister publication of the Observer, Al Shanfari said in addition the disruptions on the road leading to Salalah, the road leading to the Omani border with Yemen in Sarfait was also cut off on several points and the work is ongoing around the hour to open it. “We are facing repeated disruptions on the road even after restoration due to soil erosion. We are currently working to temporarily open the roads until the comprehensive rehabilitation has been done,” Al Shanfari said.
The services of the Sultan Qaboos Hospital (SQH) in Salalah including the accidents and emergency for adults & children, outpatient clinics, gynecology and heart clinic resumed on Monday. The patients admitted at the Armed Forces Hospital in Salalah and Heart Center started were also moved back to the SQH.
The Directorate General of Health Services in the Governorate of Dhofar is intensifying its efforts to resume all services in the health institutions in the Wilayats affected by the tropical condition including Rakhyot, Dhalkot and Sadah while continuing to provide the health services in the rescue shelters.
The main Committee of the Health Accidents & Emergency Management in Dhofar will continue to be active around-the-clock in order to fully provide the health services in the Governorate.