Dhahirah bears brunt of sizzling summer

Muscat, June 11 – Al Dhahirah bore the brunt of the summer heat on Tuesday as high temperature was recorded in most parts of the region including the desert areas in the Sultanate. Fahud, however, was expected to top the weather chart with 48 degrees Celsius along with Ibri and Haima.
According to the weather forecast, Adam, Buraimi and Rustaq recorded a high of 47 degrees followed by Samayil, Nizwa and Thamrait with 46 degrees Celsius. Al Amerat, Daba, Mad’ha, Suhar, Suwaiq, Bahla, Mudhaibi, Ibra, Sur, Mahout and Marmul were all set for 45 degrees Celsius, according to Oman Met Office, Public Authority for Civil Aviation. According to the weather forecaster at Oman Met Office, “The temperatures we are experiencing are within the range. No abnormality is recorded. These are the temperature at PACA’s weather stations.”
When asked about the different temperatures recorded in vehicles and other centres, the weather expert explained, “Our weather stations are standardised with the World Meteorological Organisation measurements and all the sensors are fixed in a way that will match the WMO standard.”
Meanwhile, Ali who is from Nizwa but on a brief visit to Muscat was enjoying the sea breeze at the Qurum beach when he explained his way of handling the summer heat.
He said, “We move about outdoors until 11.30 am after that we prefer to be indoors and we come outdoors again at 4 to 5.30 pm. The summer temperature is very different in Nizwa. It is hot and dry. In Muscat as I stand here facing the sea, it is a bit humid. We do not have that in Nizwa.” The Qurum beach continues to be dotted with fitness enthusiasts by 5 pm and Hina from Lebanon is one of them. “I work nearby so I come to run at least three to four times. I have just come back from Lebanon. It was 29 degrees Celsius there and everyone was complaining how hot it is there. Here we are in the high 40s, but that is not going to stop me from being outdoors,” she said.