Development plans for Al Dakhiliyah discussed

NIZWA, Oct 4 – The municipal council in Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah discussed of aspects aimed at improving and developing the governorate on Tuesday. The council held talks with representatives of a company assigned to prepare the urban development strategies in the governorate of Al Dakhiliyah. The meeting was attended by the head and members of the municipal council and representatives of Khatib and Alami Company, which has been asked to develop strategies by Supreme Planning Council for developing the governorate.
It was chaired by Sheikh Dr Khalifa bin Hilal bin Hamad al Saadi, Governor of Al Dakhiliyah.
Al Saadi said: “The company has been entrusted with the task of developing comprehensive development strategies in the governorate. It will develop a plan for all governorates as decided by the Supreme Planning Council.”
Edgar Mourad, from Khatib and Alami Company, presented the general vision of the Supreme Planning Council for the development of the governorate and the stages of implementation of this plan.
He spoke about the role of industrial and agricultural companies in the development of the governorate.
Sheikh Dr Khalifa al Saadi spoke about the important development pillars of the governorate.
The public directors of the governorates spoke about the role of these institutions and their vision for developing services of ministries and importance of investment in different fields, including education, health and environment.
Separate discussions were held for each wilayat, which included the governors of eight wilayats and members of the municipal council in each state.


Oman Observer