Declamation, poetry contests held in Nizwa

NIZWA, Feb 9 – The declamation competition for age group 10-15 years and poetry competition for age group 16-30 years were held for the second stage qualifiers in Nizwa Sports Complex recently. Competitions were held at the level of Al Dakhiliyah and Al Wusta governorates. Participants were evaluated by highly qualified judges, which included Nawaf al Shiyadi, Abdul Hamid al Dohani, Salim al Arimi and Aqeel al Lawati, all poets. Participants in the declamation competition were evaluated for the following: Voice control, meanings of poem, use of creative skills, body language, appearance, and charisma.

In poetry, they were evaluated for personal skills, way of reciting, diversity of sound, body language (hand movements and facial expressions), external appearance, and charisma. Poetic creativity includes poetic images, absence of spelling errors, interconnectedness in writing, strong familiarity, distinctive conclusion, and commitment to the idea. Al Batool bint Bader al Mughairi from Al Bashair Club won the first place in the declamation competition. Second place went to Malak bint Hamad al Hinai and the third place Nardeen bint Ali al Hadrami.

In poetry (formal language), Salim bin Mohammed al Rahbi from Samayil Club won the first place, Sulaiman bin Ahmed al Shuraiqi from Nizwa Club second and Omar bin Abdul Aziz al Busaidy from Al Bashair Club third. In colloquial language poetry, Fahad bin Yusuf al Aghbari from Al Bashair Club won the first place. Musab bin Ali al Futtaisi from Samayil Club came second and Mohammed bin Ghadir al Jahafi from Al Wusta Club third.