Days of struggle to make a living…

It seems that 2020 has been bringing us tough times and surprising us with unexpected challenges! Since the early dawn of this year, we witnessed heartbreaking news and incidents! As the days passed, out of a sudden we woke up to the news of coronavirus pandemic rapidly spreading in the world. What a strong slap on the face that coronavirus gave to the world!

The lockdown of cities and closure of many business activities had a great impact on the economy of the nations, income generation process of corporates and government bodies, and eventually sources of people’s livelihood. Many corporates and owners of businesses went into a slump due to loss in business and lack of customers and clients. The ‘stay home’ approach was also another reason for the collapse of businesses and people lost their jobs and daily income.

Consequently, some businesses broke exposing the owners to grave risks. They could not withstand the strict closures, partial or full lockdown of towns and markets, and running on negative revenues. On the other hand, there are corporates, which were experiencing a slight effect due to the decline in their sales and profits. Though, they could manage to fight back, are looking forward for life to come back to normalcy. Both parties have been and still on the same boat of struggle in battle with coronavirus.

However, unlikely each party has taken a different approach to face the music of this challenging and tough time for their business. Unfortunately, some have taken the easy way of saving their business by firing their employees to cut costs and sustain businesses. Others opted for a win-win situation by deducting some amount from their employees’ salary, whether it is done by force or consent! At least, this approach is better than dismissing employees and leaving them jobless.

This pandemic is a common crisis attacking one and all across the world including individual employees, as a case in a point. However, those sacked employees can’t be scapegoats for what happens to their employers. Having years of dedication to employers and sacrificing their time and efforts to make a living cannot be simply disregarded. In such scenarios, authorities concerned shall interfere and take a call on this issue.

Corporates should not be greedy and should think of the sacrifices of their employees in such hard circumstances. As Simon Sinek, a British-born American author, advised that great leaders are willing to sacrifice their numbers to save people, while poor leaders sacrifice the people to save the numbers. Leaders should be men of value rather than men of success.